Senior level expertise on demand

BrandCommand provides expertise to help make your brand, marketing, and digital strategy more powerful and effective. In addition to expert counsel and bandwidth, we also facilitate and manage implementation.  More 

An army of hundreds 24/7/365

Marketing Automation gives stakeholders in the field the experience of an army of hundreds supporting their efforts, and your department delivers value while you sleep 24/7/365. More

Contract Marketing Leadership

There are multiple reasons to bring in a hired gun.  While the most obvious is additional bandwidth and expertise, the right person can bring far more value than the objectives at hand.  BrandCommand offers top notch Senior Project Management for defined objectives, and can also provide interim or permanent fractional CMO services to help steer brand strategy and manage entire marketing programs. More

Let us take on one challenge for you.

As entrepreneurial marketers, we love a new challenge or opportunity.  So take one off your plate, and put it on ours to solve.  

We will collaborate with your team, figure out the strategy, document a plan of attack, negotiate with external resources, and facilitate and manage implementation on your behalf.  Tell us about one of your challenges. 


New creative or digital strategy?  

Chicken or egg? Many companies are on their “nth” generation of their online experience.  Some hire new web designers or agencies one version after another, searching for the hottest creative approach that will captivate the marketplace, or at least feel better than the last.  Almost every effort is an improvement, or at least newer.  However, the sensation is not much better than a one-night stand, and just about as fulfilling.

The reason? The digital strategy is more often than not, half-baked or incomplete at best. Nowadays, digital strategy is about far more than just marketing or branding, or your social media or website presence, it should be the axis of your entire business strategy.  The goal is to make your online experience not only live your brand, but your entire digital strategy should BE a living breathing expression of your organization. Your offline and online experience should be fully synchronized to facilitate all transactions and communications and leap frog your competition in terms of user experience, as well as engagement and functionality. In addition, it should pay off your social, mobile, and traditional media marketing strategies.  

AFTER THAT, it should certainly leverage top notch creative.  However, it's the digital strategy that has the potential to make the biggest difference in your bottom line, where the primary objective of creative is simply to present the strategy well. Digital strategy and user experience planning is why we're here.   

We help make marketing priorities happen.