Custom teams to match your objectives

BrandCommand is reinforced by a roster of contract and freelance expertise, as well as a broad range of strategic partners for development, implementation, and deployment.  This enables us to expand and contract our engagements based on workflow, according to the size and scope of your objectives and provides you with the specific expertise you need on your work, in the most efficient manner possible. 

Tell me what BrandCommand means.

The name BrandCommand speaks to the central point of brand leadership...much like central command in the military.  We provide leadership and counsel to make your brand, marketing, and digital strategy more powerful and effective.  

That's why we're here.  

The BrandCommand Sweet Spot


How can we help you?

Our primary focus is the intersection of Brand Management, Marketing Services, and Marketing Technology. Whenever one or more of these disciplines faces an opportunity or a challenge, this is where we bring the greatest value and expertise.  

Is your company B2B or B2B2C ?

In particular, we are especially well versed in efforts that support the marketing services departments, sales force, independent agents, local offices, distributors, franchisees, and retail touch points of B2B and B2B2C marketers.

What if you could clone yourself?

Marketers and brand managers always have more challenges and opportunities than they have bandwidth.

Most marketers have a list of priorities waiting on the sidelines, and some could make a huge difference in terms of profitability, effectiveness, competitive edge, credibility and market share.  

If there were two of you, where could you generate the most impact for your organization right now?  

Whatever it takes.

We're entrepreneurial marketers.  Whether it's an entirely new approach to engage your audience, deploying the latest greatest tools to serve stakeholders in the field, solving a major marketing challenge that forever lingers on the back burner, launching a new business, product or service, or picking up the ball on an important initiative and driving it to completion...we bring senior level expertise to the table as a powerful right arm for you.   

How can you function like me?

Well, not exactly like you.  But like a strong right arm for you, with new perspective, passion, and extensive experience.  We are quick studies, well-versed in a broad range of marketing expertise including many different industries, sales and distribution models,  and we can bring any imaginable resource to bear.  

We will draft a plan of attack, negotiate with tactical resources on your behalf, facilitate and manage the deployment, all turnkey, serving in a similar capacity as you would.     

Then we're already up to speed for the next priority, if and when you need us.  

That's why we're here.  

Don't waste another minute saying you'll get to this or that eventually. Every day is a loss of opportunity, timing, revenues, market share, competitive edge, and potentially a knock on your leadership credibility.  

Let us know how we can help you with that vital back burner priority, right now.