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Chris Thurston- President and CEO

• 20+ years industry experience

• Brand and marketing expert

• Passionate entrepreneur

• Strategic process thinker/planner

• Focused on B2B and B2B2C companies

The right brand strategy can change everything.

Brand Strategy and Development

A strong brand fits your company like your skin, and your customers like a glove.  It is the art and science of uncovering the most compelling position and message platform for who you are and what you do.  The right brand strategy can empower you to leap over the competition, improve customer and prospect engagement, increase sales and profitability, and ultimately alter the trajectory of your company. 

In this day and time, companies can't afford to accept status quo.  They must progress, evolve, and sometimes even be reinvented to keep pace with the marketplace.  Even incremental change can create new life and engagement for a brand. 

Brand consulting is second nature to BrandCommand.  

How can we help you?   Here are just some of the ways.  

Brand Projects- 

  • Assessment- high-level brand analysis, with a series of strategic recommendations
  • Brand Plan- fully fleshed out strategic plan addressing all touch points for the brand.
  • Brand Development- creation or evolution of a brand, and messaging platform
  • Brand Architecture- strategy to organize brand divisions, subsidiaries, products and services, including a road map for expansion.
  • Brand Platform- creating a message platform that is compelling and differentiating.
  • Brand Tagline- develop a tagline that aligns with the identity and message platform

Naming Initiatives-

  • Identity- the development or evolution of a name for a Company, Program, Product or Service
  • Naming Strategy- development of a corporate naming convention and protocol
  • Domain Research- research/recommend available domains, including by third party purchase