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Empowering the field doesn't have to mean compromised standards.  

Design and Print On-Demand (D/POD) 

The truth is, if marketing stake holders could hire their own agency, and get their materials done themselves, they would.  The challenge of rogue marketing efforts is a constant with large marketing centric companies.  

However, if you provide tools that empower stake holders in the field, then you not only achieve wider acceptance, cooperation, and engagement, you also achieve greater brand proliferation.  

Design and Print On-Demand, or Managed Print Services, automates the design and production of finished printed or electronic marketing materials based on brand compliant templates.

On-demand aggregated printing services and fulfillment systems utilize browser-based interfaces that empower stakeholders with easy tools to customize and localize content, artwork and images.  Users make selections, add custom text or images, hit print, and they're done...they have a finished electronic or print marketing tool ready to go.  

And once the templates are complete, not a single person in the marketing department needs to touch it.  

The possibilities are endless, so let us know what you would like to accomplish.