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Chris Thurston- President and CEO

• 20+ years industry experience

• Brand and marketing expert

• Passionate entrepreneur

• Strategic process thinker/planner

• Focused on B2B and B2B2C companies

They're called windows of opportunity for a reason.  

Entrepreneurial Strategy

Almost every business has significant opportunities waiting to be leveraged. Yet, more often than not, corporate management has too much on its plate to even consider a new venture, much less make it happen. But what if there was a way to get that business off the ground? Then it would only require incremental management support.  If done right, it could be self-sustaining, and potentially drive significant revenues to the bottom line.  

Whether it's a new venture, a totally new market segment, a repurposing of your product or service offering, or a venture that you know will succeed and the window of opportunity is slipping away, that's where BrandCommand may be a fit.   

We can work with you to make it happen at your direction, as an expert partner on demand.  We can lead it, drive it, and facilitate implementation and rollout turnkey.  This is also a viable approach for venture capitalists looking to get a new enterprise off the ground.  

Here are just a few ways we can serve in this capacity. 

New Venture Development and Implementation

  • Venture Development- turn-key planning and implementation of a new venture or business
  • Assessments- objective analysis of the overall business opportunity and approach
  • Strategic Planning- research and strategic development, resulting in a comprehensive plan of action
  • Implementation- leadership and facilitation of resources to make your venture happen
  • Strategic Recruitment- assist in pinpointing mission critical staff for your venture
  • Board Level Consulting- objective strategic and marketing consultation in support of new ventures

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