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Chris Thurston- President and CEO

• 20+ years industry experience

• Brand and marketing expert

• Passionate entrepreneur

• Strategic process thinker/planner

• Focused on B2B and B2B2C companies

Where there's a will, there's a way. 

Contract Marketing Leadership

Responding to requests, coordinating one campaign after another, along with a constant flow of marketing materials and projects is a challenge for every marketing department. However, the very nature of these demands inhibits companies from attracting or fully leveraging someone that is entirely focused on strategic thinking.

Some companies can’t afford or justify a Chief Marketing Officer, in which case, the owner, the CEO, the VP of operations, or the head of sales supervises marketing efforts, and oversees a marketing manager who juggles a myriad of projects.  By default, this makes marketing leadership and strategy a secondary priority at best.  

That's where contract senior marketing leadership from BrandCommand is a perfect fit.  We can make it all happen for you...as an expert partner on demand.  However you would like us to work.  

Here are just a few ways we can serve you. 

Fractional CMO, Director of Brand Strategy, or Senior Project Manager 

Part-time senior marketing leadership can be deployed for a company, division, or a specific project or initiative

  • Marketing Department Leadership- senior management, whether internal, external, or on-call, including interim, or permanent engagements
  • Brand Strategy and Management- consultative leadership and direction of all brand touch points. 
  • Board Level Strategy-  consultation and advisory services to boards, senior management and investors
  • Project or Initiative Leadership- turn-key senior project management
  • Contract Entrepreneur-  engagements to help build or launch a new initiative or business venture
  • Assessments- objective analysis of brand and marketing effectiveness, workflows, and efficiency.  

 Let us know how we can help.