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BrandCommand consults, strategizes, and engineers tailored approaches to refine marketing processes, functions, and workflows, and to optimally leverage technology solutions for marketing services providers.


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Chris Thurston- President and CEO

• 20+ years industry experience

• Brand and marketing expert

• Passionate entrepreneur

• Strategic process thinker/planner

• Focused on B2B and B2B2C companies

When marketing flows smoothly, everybody wins. 

Marketing Services & Brand Management 

Processes, Workflows & Systems

The effectiveness of your department is directly related to how smooth the work flows.  And for the most part, everyone knows the factors that slow it down.   However, it's not always as easy to get from where we are, to where we need to be.  Unless we have the time to evaluate different approaches, processes, and systems, and flesh out the optimal approach, we're more likely to put it off indefinitely.  And then over time, demands increase, and the ineffectiveness and inefficiencies only mount.  

More often than not, BrandCommand has been there and done that.  

We bring fresh perspective and innovative ways to solve your work flow challenges.  Sometimes this means refinement, and sometimes it means an overhaul.  Either way, we will assess the situation, meet with your team and stake holders, and only fix or improve what is broken.  Then we will document, review and test, and help you to train your team and stake holders.

If it will save you time and significant steps.  And if it will make your company and department more powerful and effective, then it's worth doing right now.   

Here are a couple of ways we can get started.  

  • Assessments — evaluate opportunities to enhance or streamline processes, procedures, and workflows, as well as methods to automate various marketing tasks and functions.
  • Process/Workflow Plan — develop a comprehensive plan to refine processes and procedures