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Chris Thurston- President and CEO

• 20+ years industry experience

• Brand and marketing expert

• Passionate entrepreneur

• Strategic process thinker/planner

• Focused on B2B and B2B2C companies

The only way to increase market share is to seize it.

Marketing Planning

Your marketing has the potential to reinforce and build your brand and market share.  It can also increase profitability and customer engagement.  However, many sales and marketing demands actually detract from the brand, drain resources, and actually inhibit growth and competitive success.  And many companies make the mistake of letting political opinion rule their decision-making, allowing inane initiatives to drag out far longer than their value justifies.  

The truth be told, if you are not consistently beating your competition in terms of impact and customer engagement, and creating dynamic customer experiences and proud ambassadors for your brand, you may be taking two steps backward for every step you take forward.  Too often companies tell themselves what they want to hear.  

Whenever BrandCommand is involved, it is our priority to not only move the needle, but to do so in a way that will exponentially impact the trajectory of your brand.  And we love to win.  

Here are a few ways that we can help you.

  • Assessments- high-level evaluation of overall marketing program, along with specific recommendations to take efforts to the next level
  • Marketing Plans- develop comprehensive plans for products, services, or entire organization, including research, message development, facilitation of creative and implementation as needed. 


  • Message Development- conceive of compelling and differentiating promotional messages for consideration. 
  • Drive-to-Web Campaigns- conception of innovative ways to draw, engage, and retain target audiences online.
  • Marketing Programs- development and facilitation of compelling marketing program ideas and campaigns; turnkey direction and program management of initiatives as needed.