How can we help?

BrandCommand consults, strategizes, and engineers tailored approaches to refine marketing processes, functions, and workflows, and to optimally leverage technology solutions for marketing services providers.


Army of Hundreds 24/7/365

Marketing Automation gives your organization and stakeholders in the field the impression that there is an army of hundreds supporting their individual marketing efforts...24/7/365

What are the advantages of automation?

• manage brand consistency
• empower marketing stake holders 
• minimize rogue marketing efforts
• enhance speed-to-market
• streamline approval processes
• centralize brand and marketing resources
• gain significant marketing economies
• leverage more powerful marketing tools
• boost throughput of department
• manage and improve best practices
• increase measurability and accountability
• maximize decentralized budgets
• simplify marketing efforts for local offices
• provide broader offering of content
• recuperate development costs over time
• makes marketing department look great


Saving money and increasing ROI is a no-brainer. 

Automation Planning

Marketing Automation is the process of systematizing repeatable marketing tasks and functions with brand compliant templates, incorporating simple methods of customization as well as providing dynamic empowerment tools for marketing stakeholders in the field.  

BrandCommand will work with you to develop an automation project plan, to facilitate development, and to deploy your specific solutions turnkey.  

This expertise is offered to empower marketing centric companies with ways to improve marketing and brand proliferation, as well as to automate functions for brand consistency, for brand and legal compliance, to handle more creative and production volume, and to save money and steps.

Here is an overview of some of the ways we can help you.  

  • Assessments — evaluate opportunities to enhance, streamline and automate marketing tasks and functions.
  • Automation Plan — develop a comprehensive plan to automate a series of functions.
  • Automation Development — manage/facilitate the programming and implementation
  • Automation Deployment — turnkey coordination of automation project rollouts
  • Automation Training — maximize stakeholder understanding and utilization