Army of Hundreds 24/7/365

Marketing Automation gives your organization and stakeholders in the field the impression that there is an army of hundreds supporting their individual marketing efforts...24/7/365

Marketing Tool Modules

Online Training Sites


Business Card Stationary System

Marketing Tool Modules

Event Invite/RSVP Systems

Ad Template Catalog/Ordering

Online Newsletter Builders 

Smart tools pay for themselves multiple times over.

Marketing Tools- 

Where there's a will, there's a way.  

We've said it before.  It's just how BrandCommand operates.  

As strong believers in modular online marketing tools, we are well-versed in a range of possibilities.  So, if you you have a repeatable marketing task or function, let's automate it, and save time, steps, and ultimately cost.  

Frankly, the marketplace expects it.  Your stake holders expect it.  And it's just good customer service.  

Here are just a few modular types of systems that can enhance your offerings to the field.  

  • Ad Template Catalog
  • Business Card/Stationary System
  • Branded Merchandise e-Store
  • Event Invite/RSVP System
  • HTML Email System/Blaster
  • Tradeshow Management System
  • Contact Management Systems
  • Marketing Materials Fulfillment

Please let us know if you have similar needs.