Website Builder Systems (WBS)


What are the advantages of automation?

• manage brand consistency
• empower marketing stake holders 
• minimize rogue marketing efforts
• enhance speed-to-market
• streamline approval processes
• centralize brand and marketing resources
• gain significant marketing economies
• leverage more powerful marketing tools
• boost throughput of department
• manage and improve best practices
• increase measurability and accountability
• maximize decentralized budgets
• simplify marketing efforts for local offices
• provide broader offering of content
• recuperate development costs over time
• makes marketing department look great


Localized flexibility with national brand consistency. 

Corporate Website Builder Systems (WBS) 

Semi-custom systems enable companies with hundreds of local offices, franchisees, sales people and agents to build their own brand compliant websites with far more powerful functionality...empowering local offices, and solving a multitude of rogue marketing challenges.   

It's a fact.  Every local office wants their own web presence.  Each has market specific messages, offerings, products, and even competitive challenges that they need to address at a local level.  

It's also a fact that rogue efforts deteriorate your brand, are rarely brand or legally compliant, and ultimately cost more, as everyone tries to reinvent the wheel.  

One of the most cost effective marketing automation initiatives that a company can undertake is to create its own local office website builder.  Website builders provide central control over the look and feel, with national push capabilities, and far more powerful tools and functionality.  Best of all, the system requires no programming skills at the local level.  Since they're browser-based, each site is easy enough to be developed, launched, and maintained by a local administrative assistant.  

Not only that, they're cheaper per unit, the hosting is centralized, updates can be automatically pushed out to all sites, and they can be funded by either a centralized budget, or on a localized subscription basis for decentralized marketing budgets.

If you think a Corporate Website Builder System (WBS) is a possibility for your organization, please get in touch with us.